21 Day Entrepreneur Upgrade Experience
An Extraordinary Gathering Of Entrepreneurs From Around The World Who Are Ready To Embark On A 21 Day Upgrade Process That Will Change Your Life And Your Business Forever
A Few Of The Ways You'll Level Up:
  Overcome procrastination & delays of executing your mission by 
      starting and ending your day like a top producer.
  Develop the championship mindset of the powerful, transparent, 
      and influential leader you were always meant to be.
  Open the financial floodgates so that money & resources can flow 
      effortless into your life always, in all ways.
  Connect your thoughts, goals, & aspirations so that every day 
      gets you one step closer to the life and experiences you desire.
  Develop a championship resolve and focus towards hitting your
      goals and achieving the success you're after.
  Learn how to make selling a fun & meaningful experience that
      you can't wait to do again & again because of how it makes you
      and your customer feel, when done correctly.
  Nurture and grow an unshakeable confidence in yourself and
      your abilities so that you walk into any situation with certainty.
  Discover opportunities that are all around you to grow your
      business and increase your monthly revenue.

The Live Video Lessons We'll Be Covering Together
The Journey of An Entrepreneur

Developing the championship mindset and confidence that will take you to your next level
juicy version of my story along with mindsets, beliefs, & lessons learned
Lesson 1
How To Start & End Your Day For Maximum Results
Reality hacker secrets to start and end your day so that you wake up with confidence & zest
physical movement, water, pre-framing, 5 appreciations, how i will feel tomorrow
Lesson 2
Wisdom Keys for Creating Wealth
Relationships with money & the stories we tell ourselves that actually repel creativity, income streams, & opportunities
wiring your mind for money, words that block wealth
Present Opportunities
Hidden Income Streams the World Isn't Talking About Yet including diving deeper into SMART businesses.
wiring your mind for money, words that block wealth. Picture money trees and you can just grab as much as you need.
Tactical Sales Tips
A Transaction must take place. But what is a sales transaction?
Simply an Exchange of Values.
sales processes that serve you and your customers.
Effectively Elevating Your Income
Rapid Results (more offers) Bolt-Ons
STOP IT. words & beliefs that block results. yeah but
The Customer Client Experience
Creating An Environment For Success
Setting Expectations
sales processes that serve you and your customers.
Organizing Your Business
Key benchmarks to measure as your business grows.
When to get a book keeper, when to form an llc or an s-corp, when to hire an assistant?
+ you just never know what else you're going to get in this program
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